Guilin, China - Global Storybook

Guilin – Photo Diary Of A Subtropical Town

We've already covered the top 10 sights in Guilin, including some of its most famous day trips - Longji Rice Terraces and the River Li cruise.  In this particular post, we wanted to share some more pictures of Guilin - just ... Read More
Shanghai, China - Global Storybook

Shanghai: A Portrait Of A Modern City

Upon arriving to Shanghai for the very first time - you might think that you've actually landed in New York or London.  This huge megapolis, the largest city in the country - looks anything but a... 'classic' Chinese city.  It's filled ... Read More
Longji Rice Terraces, Guilin, China - Global Storybook

Longji Rice Terraces – A Beautiful Day Trip From Guilin

The gorgeous Longji (or Longsheng) Rice Fields - is one of the most famous and awesome activities that you can do from Guilin.  There are numerous organized tours that can take you there on a day trip, or you can ... Read More
Badaling Great Wall, Beijing, China - Global Storybook

Badaling Great Wall: The Most Visited Sight in Beijing

Chances are - you've already heard about the Great Wall in China.  Maybe you've even visited it before!  But for those who haven't - did you know that there are actually different sections of the Wall that you can hike ... Read More
Huangluo Yao Village, China - Global Storybook

Huangluo Yao: The World’s First ‘Long Hair’ Village

Huangluo Yao is a small village located on a 2-hour drive from Guilin, in Southwest region of China.  At a first glance it can look like a thousand other villages spread across the entire country.  However, Huangluo Yao village is different.  It is ... Read More
Li-Jiang River Cruise, Guilin, China - Global Storybook

Li-Jiang River Cruise: A Day Tour From Guilin

Li-Jiang River cruise is one of the most famous activities in Guilin, and is one of the main reasons why visitors from all over the World come to this city.  The cruise takes about 3-4 hours (one-way) - departing from Guilin ... Read More
Terracotta Warriors, Xian, China - Global Storybook

Visiting The Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Warriors is one of the most famous sights in China, and in the whole World.  These life-size statues were built almost 2,200 years ago, around 206 BC.  They were meant to be buried with China’s first emperor, Qin Shi ... Read More
Jinshanling Great Wall, China - Global Storybook

Rainy Day On The Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling is a section of Great Wall located on around 2,5 hours drive from Beijing.  It has been fully restored and is quite easy to hike... on a 'normal' day, that is - when it's not raining.  I came here on ... Read More