A Quick Guide to Shanghai's Main Airports- Global Storybook

A Quick Guide to Shanghai’s Main Airports

When you fly in to Shanghai, chances are - you will land in one of its two main airports: Hongqiao International Airport or Pudong International Airport.  Hongqiao is located around 13-15 kilometers (8-9 miles) out of the city center.  Pudong, on ... Read More
Mount Huashan, China - Global Storybook

How (NOT) To Visit Mount Huashan

Mount Huashan, or simply Mount Hua as it is commonly known... outside of China, is one of the most beautiful hikes in the whole World.  It's also proclaimed to be one of the most dangerous hikes as well.  Why dangerous you ... Read More
Shanghai Top 20 Sights - Global Storybook

Shanghai: Top 20 Sights

Home to over 24 million of people - Shanghai is the biggest city in China, and is considered to be its ‘financial capital’.  It is one of the most beautiful, modern and expensive cities in the whole World, rival only ... Read More
Guilin Top 10 Sights - Global Storybook

Guilin: Top 10 Sights

Guilin, located in the Southwest region of China, is one of the most beautiful, historic and touristic cities in the country.  It's a small city with a population of less than... 5 million, famous for its scenic, narrow limestone hills and the ... Read More
Top 5 Panoramic Views in Shanghai - Global Storybook

Shanghai: Top 5 Panoramic Views

The beautiful city of Shanghai - is not only the largest city of China, it is also its vibrant and lively, financial capital.  An important port city since the invasion of the British, Shanghai is full of history.  Nowadays, its ... Read More
How to Use the Metro (Subway) in Shanghai

How to Use the Metro (Subway) in Shanghai

Shanghai’s metro is clean and safe as is very easy to navigate, but if you have never used it before it might be a bit confusing initially.  However, in this quick review we will explain everything that you need to ... Read More
How to Use the Metro (Subway) in Beijing - Global Storybook

How To Use The Metro (Subway) in Beijing

If you will be visiting Beijing and are wondering how to navigate its extensive subway network - then this post is for you.  Beijing, with its current population of 21 million residents, is one of the largest cities in the ... Read More
Xi'an Top 10 Sights - Global Storybook

Xi’an: Top 10 Sights

Xi’an (Sian), formerly known as Chang’an, is the first and the oldest capital of China.  With a current population of around 8 million, this is not one of the largest cities in China, however that does not mean that it ... Read More
What To Pack On Your Trip To China

What To Pack On Your Trip To China

If you are planning on visiting China and are wondering which essentials you must bring on your journey - this article is for you.  China is a very beautiful, large country with a multitude of different regions - from mountains ... Read More
Beijing Top 20 Sights - Global Storybook

Beijing: The Top 20 Attractions

Beijing, which means “Northern Capital”, is one of the 6 ancient capitals of China, which it remains to this day.  It is currently the second largest city after Shanghai, though it has a lot more cultural and historic sights, waiting ... Read More