Carlos Vives – La Tierra del Olvido

  • Name: Deivis Ramirez-Gonzalez
  • Hometown: Huila, Colombia

For me, Carlos Vives, is one of the most versatile and revolutionary artists of Colombia.  He is really great at mixing the traditional rhythms from the Colombia’s Caribbean coast with other contemporary genres such as rock and ska. However the most important thing about this artist, in my opinion, is that he is always focused on changing the negative stigma about Colombia from the perspective of other countries.

I feel very proud about this song because it brings up a lot of memories from my past. The place that is described here is a lot like the small village where I grew up.  La Tierra del Olvido (“The Land of Forgetfulness”), or in this case my own town, will remain in my memory exactly the same way as I left it many years ago, for a big city, in order to find my future.

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