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Architecture in Budapest: 5 Main Styles



Hello all! My name is Aurél. I'm a Hungarian photographer by hobby, from Budapest. I love this city and I would like to share some photos with you.

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In my first article 5 Best Sights in Budapest, I presented some famous buildings in Budapest.

Now, let’s take a little photo tour into the main, different architectural styles of this city!

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The capital of Hungary was built in different architectural styles, and I would like to show some of the main ones to you.  When you come here for the first time – you will surely be amazed, because of our magnificent buildings.

The first thing that you have to know is that this city was rebuilt many times.  Why?  You know – it’s all about the history.  First and the Second World Wars, Revolution of 1956, numerous floods because of the Danube River, and other things.  But as you’ll see – Budapest is still here, with its very rich history.

Well, let’s talk about the styles now.

1. Eclectic Style

Eclectic Style buildings, Váci street

Eclectic Style buildings, Váci street

The most often used style in the downtown area is an Eclectic style.  This was a very liked style in the 19th Century, when the downtown area was built.  The eclectic style is a great mix of the older styles.

2. Baroque Style

Eiffel Palace, Budapest, HungarySecond in popularity is the Baroque style.  I think, this is the most beautiful style in Budapest and in the World.  I personally like it very much.  This style has a lot of unique details, with beautiful, decorative windows and doors.

3. Gothic Style

Matthias Church, Gothic style

Winter scene – Matthias Church, Gothic style.

Third, is the Gothic style – we have many churches and buildings built this way.  This is a very old style, dating back to the medieval times.  In Budapest, the most famous building that was designed in the Gothic style is the Matthias Church in the Castle District.  This church was rebuilt and renovated many times in the past, but the Gothic style is still noticeable.

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4. Soviet Style

Total Socialism, Budapest, Hungary

Total Socialism

Fourth.  Why is Budapest considered to be a classic “Eastern European” city?  This is a more recent style from the 60’s-70’s.  If you live in Europe, you know then what is socialism.  This has been a very defining era in the history of Hungary too, and had a great impact on the style of our architecture.  The socialism and the realism style is – simple, cube, easy, and… ugly.  This style was invented in Russia.

5. Modern Style

Modernization, 21st century.

Modernization, 21st century.

Fifth.  The modernization.  We live in the 21st Century and we want to live in a modern environment.  The architecture and the buildings are now built in a new, modern style.  It is not as beautiful anymore, like the Baroque or the Eclectic styles, but in the 21st Century, a city like Budapest, should be a modern with a contemporary architecture.

I hope, you liked my post.

Greetings from Budapest,


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