join-our-teamHey there!

We are so happy that you are interested in joining our team, so first of all – a BIG thank you!

Now, let’s review the full list of benefits that you’ll get when you join our Team.  We’ll start with:

Why join the GS’s Team?

Global Storybook is a newly launched (as of April 1, 2016), fast-growing, social platform where anyone can write and submit a post, get published, and become an essential part to our global network of awesome content creators.

What we have discovered during the launch of Global Storybook is that there are generally two groups of people:

  1. People that have a blog.
  2. People that do not have a blog.

Simple, right?  So if you are one of those people in group 2 (like all of us on Global Storybook’s Team), then you probably don’t have much need nor desire to start and maintain a blog – it’s a lot of work, we totally get it.  But, wait a minute – you do like to write, and share your beautiful content, and you do want to have some virtual space where you can have the freedom and the luxury of having a blog… without actually having to do much work.  Well, it sounds that you’re just like us, and you are a perfect fit!

So what are the benefits?

Besides the obvious head-start advantage of having a great exposure in front of a global audience, from the minute you publish your first post – there is a number of additional cool benefits, so let’s review them in more detail:

1. You will have your own personal web-space within a larger social blogging network where you can write and share your content anytime you feel like.  That’s right – there’s absolutely no commitment – you are you’re own big boss.

2. You will get the due credit and full ownership for all the content that you are producing.  How?  Let’s see.

  • You will have your own “mini” profile description at the top of every article that you write, with your own Social Media links (top right corner):  Join Our Team - Global Storybook
  • And, your own “Latest Posts” page:Join Our Team - Global Storybook
  • The “Latest Posts” page is also viewable on its own (anyone who wants to see your full content history can easily find it on the website):Join Our Team - Global Storybook
  • Your name will also be listed in the top carousel section – once someone points at your specific post (as pictured here below):

Join Our Team - Global Storybook

  • And finally, your photo and a short bio will be added to our main “Meet the Team” directory:

Meet the Team - Global Storybook

Where you will have your own bio page (including any social media links):

Join Our Team - Global Storybook

3. You will have an official title – Contributing Editor.  You can add it to your LinkedIn profile, AND to your resume!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Is there a minimum number of posts that I must publish?  While there is no minimum requirement to the number of posts that you have to publish, the recommended minimum is 2 posts per month, or just 1 post every two weeks.  You can always publish more, of course.

2. What can I write about?  You can write about anything that applies to any of our main, specific categories (travel stories, local stories, food recipes, etc.).  Please review our About page for further detail.

3. How long should my posts be?  There minimum word count is 300 words, the maximum is 2000.

4. What if I am not good at spelling/I am afraid to make grammatical errors/English is not my first language?  Out of the 6 initial GS’s Team members – only 1 of us is a native English speaker, while the rest (including our Founder) speak a different native language!  But no worries, our Editor-in-Chief/ Managing Editor is reviewing each post that we publish and will quickly correct any minor grammar/spelling errors.

5. Okay, so how do I apply?  You can apply in just a few minutes – by filling out the short form below:

Global Storybook