instagram-takeoverWould YOU like to be our next Global Storyteller?

Once a week we are inviting a new Global Storyteller to takeover our Instagram feed with 3 of their best photos and share them with our global community of awesome travelers and locals.

If you would like to be selected as our next Global Storyteller, please read the instructions below carefully:

To be selected for a feature:

  • We are only accepting 3 photos per one Global Storyteller.
  • All 3 photos must include you (or any of your friends/significant others with you); unfortunately we do not accept photos of nature, pets, flowers etc. – we love those photos too, however we want to see YOU, most of all.
  • If you don’t like to face the camera (or show your face) – that’s absolutely cool with us, we will accept photos with your back too. 🙂
  • Each photo must describe an experience. For example – what inspired this photo; what’s the story behind this photo; what did you like/dislike most about the place that you are pictured in, etc.
  • Finally, you do not have to travel to be selected for our feature – we accept your local photos and stories too!

Once you have been selected for a feature:

  • All 3 photos that you will be sharing must be shared on the same day (no exceptions), with a minimum 3-4 hours gap time. That is – you can post your first photo in the morning, second in the afternoon, and the third one in the evening.
  • You can use no more than 3 hashtags per photo, and one of them must be #globalstorybook.
  • You can re-apply again 3 months later (with different set of photos, of course). We love you, but we would also like to give others a chance too.

Do NOT forget to tag your Instagram photos with #globalstorybook for a random feature, OR with a #globalstoryteller if you have a great story behind your photo.

Ready to apply for a feature?

Please fill out this form below – our Instagram Team will review it and get back to you promptly:

Your Name:

Your Email:
Please note - we will NEVER publish or give out your email address, unless you request it!

Your Homecountry:

Your Instagram:

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Please include the pictures (and description) that you would like us to feature below:
Please include images with a good size and resolution only!

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