Welcome to Global Storybook!

There are various newspapers and magazines reporting on international stories about the lives of others that are written by foreign journalists according to their own interpretations.  Then, there are local media channels that only talk about the lives of celebrities and nothing about the accomplishments or struggles of the ordinary people.  And lastly, there are numerous travel guides and articles about the “best things to see, visit, or eat” in a foreign country, according to… an outsider with his or her own personal taste.

So what do we really know about the World?

What do we know about those far-away countries that we never visited, about the people that we never spoke to, about the places that we have never seen?  And just how easy is it nowadays to develop stereotypes and make judgements about other cultures from the limited things that we see on TV or the internet, hear from someone else, or read in a newspaper?

Of course, the easiest way to learn more about a new country is by visiting it, reading a book about it, and making a new local friend.  But, what if you can do the first two criteria but really have no time or a chance to meet the third?  Or what if you want to know more about a new country but you have no means to visit it yet?  Well then, you came to the right place.

imageTRANS4Global Storybook’s Mission: combine together local stories, photos, food recipes and book reviews, as well as travel experiences from people around the World – to break stereotypes, eliminate discrimination and racism through the means of continuous learning about the authentic lives and experiences of others.

Global Storybook = TWO main parts: Local + Travel 

So why two parts and what is the difference between the two?

The Local section will take you inside the mind of a local, will help you understand other cultures and traditions better, and also help you see things from an insider’s point of view.

The Travel section will provide you with a compilation of travel adventures and stories and will help you see a country from an outsider’s point of view.  Why, you might ask yourself, do we need this section when there are tons of personal travel blogs around the internet that cover this topic?  Well, here are a few key reasons:

  • Not every traveler has a need, nor wants to have a blog to share his or her travel stories, but would be happy to write an occasional post.
  • There is a need for one comprehensive directory – a place to have those travel stories categorized by a country and a topic (for example: solo travel) to ease and expedite the research process for your upcoming trip.
  • Now there is one place to see a country from two different angles, and for both ‘angles’ to understand each other more. Bottomline: everyone is a local somewhere, and most of us want to know how others perceive and what experiences they had in our country.

Now, let’s take a closer peak at each part and its different sections to see what do they have for us in store:

IMG_TRANS3LOCAL = INSIDE – this part was designed for the local content – to hear the voices and collect the life stories of ordinary citizens around the World.  The “Inside” section will let you see a country through the eyes of a local.  This part has the following three sections:

  • Local Stories  (“From the Words of a Local”) – as the name suggests, this section includes everything about a local person – from a personal life story, to the overall thoughts and feelings about own country, traditions and values, or any other perspective that one is willing to share.
  • Food Recipes  (“From the Mouth of a Local”) – this category is a collection of different local, traditional, ethnic, and personal family recipes that are cooked in the home of a local.
  • Music  (“From the Ears of a Local”) – this section is a place to share YouTube videos from the local artists to provide others with the glimpse of a country’s popular, underground, or national music.


TRAVEL = OUTSIDE – this part was designed for any traveler to share his or her adventures and experiences of other cultures and countries.  The “Outside” section will let you see a country from the eyes of a visitor, and access those stories under one chapter.  There are three sections:

  • Travel Stories  (“From the Eyes of the World”) – this category includes travel posts from anyone traveling with a companion or in a group.
  • Solo Travel  (“From the Experience of a Solo Traveler”) – this section is specific to the travel stories and experiences from anyone traveling solo.
  • Weekend Travel  (“Weekend Itinerary”) – this category is specific to weekend getaways and includes itineraries that can provide inspiration for others.