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A Complete Guide to the Weird Canada

  • Book:  “Weird Canada”
  • Author:  Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader
  • Publisher:  Bathroom Readers’ Institute, 2013

Canada – a quiet, beautiful and large North American country is actually full of unknown facts that very rarely become known to the outside World.  It’s just that Canada is not that popular compared to some other loud and active countries.  Or maybe it is Canada’s conscious choice to remain that way – a mysterious “island” in the sea of chaos?

But what lies beneath its quiet surface?  Is it really that quiet at all?  Does anything happen in Canada of interest to the outside World, and if yes – where can we learn about it?  Well, and that’s how this awesome book ended up on our blog.

“Weird Canada” is a ‘mini encyclopedia’, consisting of 384 pages full of very interesting, as well as unusual, some quirky and bizarre facts and stories that come alive in front of you, as you read on.  If you’re looking for a good companion to take on with you on your next trip to Canada, or to simply fill out the gap in your knowledge about this fascinating country – then this book is for you.

Filled with ghosts, murders, celebrities and artists, bank robbers and clowns, in addition to the weird laws, regulations, superstitions and traditions – this book is anything but boring.  You can read it in your bathroom… err, or on a plane, on a bus, or a train and you won’t even notice where did the time go.  If there’s one thing that’s certain – you will definitely learn a lot more about Canada, and we dare say – even look at it with different eyes, than before.

P.S. And don’t miss those quick, amusing facts in the small shift at the bottom of each single page:

“Canada has more lakes than all other countries put together” (p. 65)

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