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7 Fairytale Places to Visit in Croatia During Winter

Ivan Pavković

Ivan Pavković

Ivan Pavković is the Local Contributing Writer at Global Storybook (Croatia).

Pozdrav! My name is Ivan and I live in Zagreb. I am currently studying Finance at the University of Zagreb. In my spare time, I am also a Freelance Writer and a Digital Marketer.

You can describe me as a tech enthusiast who loves to watch and play sports (basketball and football mostly) and loves to watch movies (comedies and thrillers).

Croatia may be small but it has a lot to offer. I will do my best to prove it through my articles!
Ivan Pavković

Winter is here, and I am very excited to remind you of all the wonderful places that you can visit in Croatia.  If you love snow, snowy landscapes, and fun winter activities, then this article is for you.  Among the numerous spectacular places in Croatia, I’ve selected the top 7 Winter destinations which you can easily access from its capital, Zagreb.  I would not only recommend them to every foreigner but also to a domestic traveler who might not know about all the beauties that we have in our own backyard.

1. Plitvice Lakes

If you love Winter landscapes and the untouched nature which leaves everything spectacularly magical, you should visit the Plitvice Lakes.  This park is by far one of the most beautiful destinations in Winter.  Its frozen lakes, waterfalls, and forested mountain peaks will be engraved into your memory for years to come.

For a moment, you might even feel like you have just stepped into the ice age.  The Plitvice Lakes are almost as equally popular in the Winter as they are in the Summer.  This says a lot about the incredible beauty and the otherworldly spells of this fairytale estate.

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Frozen waterfall in Plitvice Lakes, Croatia - Global Storybook2. Zagreb 

I mentioned in one of my previous articles that the Zagreb Advent festivity was named as the best in Europe for the third consecutive year in 2017.  Therefore, it’s an ideal time to visit the capital of Croatia.  The Zagreb Advent lasts forty days around Christmas and offers a wide range of events that will satisfy the taste of even the most demanding visitors.

Fun activities, delicious food with mulled wine, ice skating, art installations, and an overall spectacular holiday atmosphere awaits you on the streets of our capital.  Once the Advent ends, visitors can also enjoy a growing number of cultural events in which the city has been increasingly investing.  As to the second part of the Winter – you might catch some snow in Zagreb.

Advent time in the center of Zagreb, Croatia - Global Storybook3. Medvednica

Medvednica is one of the most popular day-trips from Zagreb.  It has become known worldwide for its Snow Queen Trophy race which has been organized since 2005.  Thanks to this popular venue, Zagreb became the only capital in the world which has its own racing and ski trail.  Skiing while overlooking the city is an unmissable sight, and it’s certainly worth visiting Zagreb in Winter.

Medvednica, Zagreb, Croatia - Global Storybook4. Rastoke

Taking the “old road” from Zagreb to Plitvice or Dalmatia will lead you straight to Slunj, a town situated on the banks of the rivers Slunjčica and Korana.  Rastoke is a small waterfront village built on the convergence of two rivers hence it’s also sometimes known as the “Little Plitvice.”  

The beautiful white Winter replaces the Autumn carpet with snowflakes, while Rastoke’s scenic waterfalls tirelessly create new ice shapes.  The wood burns in the stoves, and at night the street lamps create fairy tales.  Sledge, skis, warm drinks and a pleasure in the untouched, snowy landscapes are guaranteed.

Slunj, Croatia - Global Storybook5. Bjelolasica

Bjelolasica is the highest mountain of the Gorski Kotar and is an ideal place for hiking, skiing, snowboarding and other sports activities all year long.  The Bjelolasica ski resort is the largest one in Croatia.  It also offers its own signature skiing and snowboarding classes for different levels – basic, advanced and specialized.  In addition to skiing, there’s also sledding, hiking, wild river rafting, horseback riding, biking plus a fun nightlife.

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6. Salajland

The SalajLand or the “Christmas Fairytale of the Salaj Family” started with decorating a family yard with Christmas lights 16 years ago.  Throughout the years, with great efforts and enthusiasm, it has become one of the most popular festivities in Croatia.  Numerous world media sites acknowledged this unique event and produced countless articles about it.  Besides 2.5 million lights, visitors can expect great food, an ice rink, a Christmas train plus spectacular fireworks almost every night.

Christmas tree7. Kopački Rit

Kopački Rit is a floodplain area in Baranja, in the northeast of Croatia – between the Danube River in the east and the Drava River in the south.  It is one of the most popular destinations of Slavonia, a tourist-neglected area of Croatia.

Although the park is interesting to visit every season due to its rich plant and animal life, the Winter is a magical period.  Because of the abundance of lakes and waterfalls in the area, it is very similar to Rastoke and Plitvice.  One of its most interesting activities is a heated tourist train, which is available with a guided tour.

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