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5 Things To Do When Planning A Perfect Trip

Sara Provenzano

Sara Provenzano is the Contributing Editor at Global Storybook (Italy).
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I love traveling but most of all I love planning the perfect trip!  Unless you buy an “all inclusive” package, where everything is already included and planned by someone else, or maybe you decide to leave everything and go with the flow, you have to plan every single moment of it.

You have to do this so that you don’t waste any precious time or, most importantly, your precious money!  Below you will find some useful tips that will help you to plan your next perfect trip.

Decide on your destination

Perfect trip

Decide on your destination according to:

  • How many days you have at your disposal: you cannot go from Italy to Australia if you have only a week!
  • The right season of the place you wish to visit: better not to choose the Monsoon period, do you agree!?
  • Your budget: whatever your budget is, always try to get the best deal from the best options available.

Try to select the closest airport and the best and cheapest flight

Perfect trip

Depending on which city you travel from, try to select the closest airport and the best and cheapest flight.  Let me give you an example.  I am originally from Rome, Italy, but I am currently based in Florence.

This winter I went to Philippines and, while choosing flights, I realised that it was better and cheaper flying from Bologna’s airport rather than from Rome’s.  It took me just one more hour to reach Bologna airport from Florence by train and a bus, and the tickets cost less than half from Bologna rather than from Rome!

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I flew with Emirates, one of the best airline in the World, and got a good deal with a stopover in Singapore.


This is the major point when planning anything!  Selecting the right flights, and understanding the right time zone when you depart and when you arrive – can actually let you gain or lose a day or 2.  And when you have a limited time – 1 or 2 days less or more can make a huge difference.

Speaking about the same example above, I flew from Bologna at 14.30 local time and arrived in Singapore (after taking the connecting flight in Dubai) at 14.40 local time the day after.  This gave me a chance to spend 24h in this amazing city (for more info on what to do in Singapore in 24 hours read my post), get some rest and be ready for the next flight to Manila, Philippines.

If I had had the possibility to add 1 more day to my trip, I would have given a quick look to the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is just a 1 hour flight from Singapore… but I coundn’t!

Selecting the best hotel

Perfect Hotel

Selecting the best hotel is a real challenge while planning a trip, but I am a step forward as I work in the hotel industry and I know how these things go.

I could write a book on how to select the right hotel!

  • First of all you need to clearly know your budget range.
  • According to your budget, you need to select the best option available but how and through which channel? There are tons of websites offering the top deals and my suggestion would be to go with the most common ones like or Expedia, unless you wish to go for something that can be tempting but… risky.  In the second case, you should call the hotel and check if they know about or have even received your booking through that specific supplier.
  • Read reviews before booking anything.  It is true for even an hotel or a restaurant.  Reviews are made by common people like us and are changing the way of traveling.  Now we are able to explore a property by seeing pictures made by guests and reading about their experiences.  But be careful as some of the reviews you will read might not be so realistic.  Let me give you an example: if you go to Maldives I think that the most important thing is the sea and everything that’s around it.  So if someone is complaining about the swimming pool… well let’s talk about it!
  • Choose your “perfect” hotel.  The most important thing for me is that it is clean and satisfies all my needs.  I like being closer to the main attractions but in a quiet location.  I prefer high floors because of the views if I am in a city, lower floors if I am staying in a resort, in front of the beach.
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Enjoy your trip

This is all your really have to do!  So what are you waiting for?  Take a world map a start planning you next dreamy vacation!

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