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5 Things That You Need to Know About Visiting Auckland

Bert Walston

Bert Walston

Bert Walston is the Local Contributing Writer at Global Storybook (New Zealand).

Bert was born in Albany and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. She loves to travel to different corners of her own country and share stories with the readers. She is mainly interested in culture and the natural attractions of New Zealand. Bert is looking forward to exploring more things and sharing them here.
Bert Walston

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand.  It is also home to about half a million people.  The population of this exciting city is expected to grow by about fifty percent over the next five decades.  Auckland has been built on an isthmus and is renowned for its beauty and its enthralling beaches, as well as its wonderful parks.  Auckland also claims the title of being the one city in New Zealand, which has the largest per capita boat owners.  And this, in turn, explains why this town is alternatively known as – the City of Sails.

Auckland offers many opportunities to take part in different activities and there are also many interesting attractions.  With its hundreds of restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to satisfying your culinary requirements.

The Auckland Museum and the New Zealand Maritime Museum are the best examples of the city’s wonderful attractions.  The main language spoken in the city is English, though with such a large concentration of Polynesians, other languages such as Maori, as well as certain Asian languages, are also widely spoken in the city.

5 Interesting Things About Auckland (& New Zealand)

So here is a brief look at the Top 5 things that you need to know about visiting Auckland.

1. It rains without warning

Auckland is a city where it can rain without any warning.  So, it makes sense for you to have some protective clothing, to help you deal with the unpredictable rains.  Even at the height of summer when there is little chance of any rain, the heavens might open up and deliver a completely unexpected torrent, at the most random times.  When packing some protective clothing for the rains – make sure that you add something that is light enough for you to carry with you everywhere.

Auckland, New Zealand - Global Storybook2. Kiwis love the outdoors

New Zealanders by and large love the outdoors and they are also very adventurous.  It is not uncommon for New Zealanders to get out and pursue different hobbies and they also like to try their hand at learning new skills.  Hiking (called tramping by the locals) along with snowboarding and surfing, as well as rock climbing, are popular pursuits among the local residents.  So, when you visit Auckland be ready to try some of these activities!

3. We have some friendly locals

Most New Zealanders are very friendly and hospitable.  However, if there is one thing that they do not take kindly is when you make fun of their rugby team (All Blacks).  Other than that, New Zealanders love to talk about their country’s history and they will readily recommend the best places to visit.  It therefore makes sense for you to talk to locals, as that is the best way to get an insider tip – as to how to make your visit to Auckland that much more interesting.

Auckland, New Zealand - Global Storybook4. Rent a car

If you plan to spend more than a weekend in Auckland, it makes sense for you to rent a car.  A car is the best way to enjoy the many exciting road trips from Auckland.  In particular, you may want to drive to the North Island, which is not far from the city.

Auckland: The Top 10 Attractions

5. Expect good food

Finally, before you visit Auckland you should keep in mind the fact that Auckland serves up some very delicious dishes.  So, be prepared to put on a few kilograms of weight.  There is also much to please those who have a sweet tooth.  Finally, when you order your morning beverage – try to shun away from asking for a decaffeinated option, because the locals love their coffee, and will not settle for a decaf.

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5 Things That You Need to Know About Visiting Auckland - Global Storybook

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