5 Mysterious Places in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Irma Mirza

Irma Mirza

Irma Mirza is the Local Contributing Writer at Global Storybook (Bosnia & Herzegovina).
Irma is a passionate explorer, writer, traveler, and historian.
Irma Mirza

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country located on the Balkan Peninsula, with a colorful culture and an equally fascinating history.  One could still call it an untouched gem, since most travelers have begun exploring it only recently.  Numerous visitors frequently state that this spectacular country with its breathtaking natural wonders is one of the most underrated places in the entire Europe.

Sadly, most travelers usually have just enough time to check out only a few major destinations, such as Sarajevo – the country’s capital, plus perhaps Mostar or Travnik.  Other amazing places, including the charming cities like Banja Luka, Zenica or Tuzla, are usually bypassed due to the shortage of time.  And this is rather unfortunate.

Tourism has started to develop fast in Bosnia and Herzegovina, though only in the last five years or so.  Hence, one can easily find a lot of useful info about the country and its major attractions on the internet.  However, there are a number of hidden beauties in this small country that most visitors might not be aware of.

Some of these magical places are not so easy to explain, while others are kind of forgotten.  But that’s what makes them even more attractive, right?  We decided to visit a few and came up with the list of five most mysterious places in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that you should definitely check out next time you visit us!

Ancient Pyramids in the Heart of Europe

Pyramids are usually associated with Egypt, Mexico, some other countries in Central and South America and even Asia, but never with Europe.  That is because no pyramids were ever found on this continent, well at least not until… 2006.  Semir Osmanagić is a Bosnian archaeologist and adventurer who set the whole world on fire, once he announced the existence of pyramids in the middle of Bosnia, near a small town called Visoko.

The archeologist shockingly declared that Bosnian pyramids are even older than those in Egypt, upon starting a vast excavation process.  Osmanagić also unearthed vast granite blocks and deep, narrow tunnels located within the pyramids.  Scientists and volunteers from all over the world have joined his project, which is still ongoing until this day.

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The best way to verify the existence of Bosnian pyramids is of course, to visit them in person.  Visoko can be easily reached from Sarajevo by a bus or a train, or by a rental car.  Locating the pyramids won’t be that difficult since they are colossal in size, plus all the roads in Visoko lead straight to them.

Was Sisyphus from Bosnia? 

You have probably heard about the legend of Sisyphus and his infamous punishment method.  Pushing a boulder was definitively not easy, but it is even harder to explain the origin and purpose of various perfectly shaped spheres, which are showing up all over Bosnia.

The spheres were first discovered in Costa Rica and later in Bosnia – the only two places in the world known to have these unique artifacts.  So what is so interesting or unique about the spheres?  Well, these giant boulders have a perfectly round shape, without even a trace of human interference.  However the most intriguing questions about them are – how were they made and why?

Unfortunately their original purpose is still largely unknown.  Some experts suggest that various natural causes have shaped them over a very long course of time, though most scientists, as well as ordinary people are not quite convinced by that.  If you’d like to examine these stones closer, then head up straight to a small town called Zavidovići.  It is located around 100 km from Sarajevo, and it can be easily reached by a bus.

American Scenery in Bosnia – The Sand Pyramids In Foča

There’s nothing unusual in seeing white and pink sand pyramids in Western movies shot on location in the United States.  But when you spot them in Bosnia, or anywhere else around the Balkans, then you must be in for a real surprise.

The pyramids were formed by a combination of various natural, though quite rare, phenomena.  Despite the known scientific explanation, most of the locals still believe that they were a deed of… Satan himself.  Perhaps that’s the reason why only a few people dare to visit the sand pyramids in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you are one of the brave ones who’d like to explore the area, then you can head out from Sarajevo to a small town in eastern Bosnia called Foča.  Satan’s deed or not, you should only visit this place during the daylight, since this is a remote area with not much illumination after the sunset.

Christmas Holiday Markets in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The World War III Headquarters in Konjic

The Cold War was quite an exciting period in human history.  There was a constant threat of the beginning of the World War III, which would undoubtedly entail nuclear weapons with a good chance of wiping away the entire civilization.  That’s why numerous countries prepared for the worst, and Yugoslavia was not an exception.  In fact, during the late 1950s, a number of top-secret projects were initiated by our government.  Among them, the construction of the so-called “Tito’s Bunker” was definitively the most majestic one.

The Bunker was built for over 25 years (1953-1979).  Though only a few key people knew about its existence.  It was carved into a giant mountain near a small Bosnian city, named Konjic.  The Bunker was supposed to be the main HQ of Yugoslav authorities in case of a foreign invasion or a nuclear strike.  After the break down of Yugoslavia it was eventually opened to the public in the early 1990s.  Nowadays it serves as an artistic and touristic sight.

Visitors can check it freely, that is… after they acquire a permission from the Bosnian Ministry of Defences.  The permission is usually granted to everyone, though it takes a bit of time.  To avoid any issues, it may be best to go with a professional tour guide.  You can easily find one in Konjic.

The Spiritual Center of Balkan in Međugorje

In 1981, a small remote village in Herzegovina came into the major news headlines across the globe.  Six peasant children from Međugorje have reportedly seen the… Virgin Mary.  The story was even more fascinating considering that Bosnia and Herzegovina were under the communist rule at the time.

Nowadays, Međugorje is one of the most significant pilgrimage sites in the world, despite the fact that Vatican has never officially accepted these sightings.  Millions of people come to this place annually in search of spiritual enlightening.  There were also a number of reports about miraculous healings.

You are more than welcome to check all of the stories for yourself.  Getting to Međugorje is quite easy by a bus or car, especially from Mostar.

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5 Mysterious Places in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Global Storybook

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