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5 Interesting Things About Auckland (& New Zealand)

Bert Walston

Bert Walston

Bert Walston is the Local Contributing Writer at Global Storybook (New Zealand).

Bert was born in Albany and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. She loves to travel to different corners of her own country and share stories with the readers. She is mainly interested in culture and the natural attractions of New Zealand. Bert is looking forward to exploring more things and sharing them here.
Bert Walston

There are five things that you probably didn’t know about Auckland, and when you learn about them – chances are they will take your breath away.  Everybody knows just how cool this city is, but it certainly does pay to learn a little bit more about the unusual facts about Auckland (and New Zealand).

New Zealand moves at a snail’s pace

The first thing that will probably strike you about New Zealand is the fact that the country moves at about the same pace as the growth of a human’s nail.  This is because the country is located on the boundary of two different tectonic plates and so it not only moves in two different directions but it also twists at the same time.  The rate at which the country moves is about five to six centimetres per year and this is the same speed at which your nails grow.

George Street

Secondly, it may come as a big surprise to some of you, to learn that New Zealand has a big number of different streets all named George Street.  In fact, there are 74 different streets in New Zealand that are named George Street.  So, the next time you mail someone a postcard with George Street as part of their address – just make sure that you use the right postal code.

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George St, Auckland, New Zealand - Global StorybookTiritiri Matangi Island

If you live in Auckland, chances are that you have taken a ferry to Waiheke Island at some point, to sample some wines, or maybe you have even been to Rangitoto Island to try the Rangitoto Summit Walk.  However, you might have missed going to an unknown paradise island, that goes by the name of Tiritiri Matangi Island.  You can reach this place by taking a short ride aboard a ferry, departing from Auckland.

Tiritiri Island is perfect for those who want to watch some birds and it is also famous for its unspoilt beaches.  There is also a hidden tunnel that you might want to check out, and there are plenty of walking trails that you may want to explore as well.  The cost of a round-trip ride to this island is around $70 dollars.

Tiritiri Matangi island, Auckland, New Zealand - Global StorybookRocket Ropes

The Rocket Ropes high wire adventure park lies a mere twenty minutes away from Auckland.  Situated next to the airport, this is a wonderful place where you can test your skills as well as confidence, as you take on several different rope courses.  The Croc, in particular, is a rope course that you really must try.  However, these courses are not for the faint hearted as each course requires between two to three hours to complete.  The piece de resistance of the Rocket Rope is its two highly challenging courses that are designed for big children, and which include fifty aerial activities that need to be mastered including flying foxes and more.

Biking down Tamaki Drive Coastline

Finally, when in Auckland be sure to check out the bike rental services that allow you to take a bike ride along the exciting Tamaki Drive coastline.  If you are someone who loves the beaches and the coastline, then this is the perfect option for you.  You can hire a bike and venture down the Tamaki Drive.  Be sure to go to the east of Auckland city, over the Hobson Bay and then on to Okahu Bay.  For a little extra adventure, make sure to check out the Kelly Tarton’s Sealife Aquarium.

Tamaki Drive Coastline, Auckland, New Zealand - Global Storybook

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