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5 Most Common Superstitions in the Philippines

Tanya Marie Porras

Tanya Marie Porras

Tanya Marie Porras is the Local Contributing Writer at Global Storybook (Philippines).
Tanya Marie Porras

Many Filipinos, especially the more traditional ones, tend to lean towards superstitious beliefs.  Despite the absence of any sound scientific basis, young adults choose to cling to these superstitions as well, to avoid arguments with their elders.  The elders would commonly advise the younger ones to follow these beliefs.  One of their most frequent sayings is: “You won’t lose anything if you believe.”

Below, you will find five of our most famous superstitions in the Philippines.

1. Knock whenever a lizard clacks

According to this old superstition, when a lizard clacks – knock on wood (three times!) to attract cash.  The elders would say that when a lizard makes continuous clacks, you’ll definitely get money in the upcoming days.  This belief is quite odd, but hey, what do you have to lose?  Apart from the fact that you may be a tad richer after a series of knocks, you have nothing to lose.

Philippine sailfin lizard - Global Storybook2. Avoid cutting your nails at night

Do not cut your nails at night — particularly on Fridays.  Filipinos believe that cutting nails around the nighttime boosts the power of supernatural beings.  So, if you’re in the Philippines, and you need to cut your nails, do so in the mornings.  If ghosts do not scare you, go ahead and cut your nails.  Otherwise, kindly heed the advice of the people who believe in this superstition.

3. Choking during mealtime means you’re in someone’s mind

Another popular superstition in the Philippines says that if you choke during mealtime, you’re a victim of thoughtfulness.  This means that someone far away has remembered you.

El Nido, Palawan - Welcome to Paradise!

4. Do look at nice faces while pregnant

There is a common belief in the Philippines that a woman who is one to two months pregnant should adopt a new hobby: looking at photographs of beautiful people.  If a pregnant woman were to look at ugly pictures, the good old superstition says that her baby would come out ugly.  So, if your pregnant friend is staring at your picture, take it as a compliment: you’re beautiful.

Philippines superstitions - Global Storybook5. Do not eat chicken on the New Year’s Eve

Fried chicken platter, spicy Buffalo wings, and baked mushroom chicken seem delicious.  On any other day, you can satisfy your chicken-loving appetite as much as you want with these dishes.  But, when you’re anticipating January 1st, getting a fix of these meals (as well as other platters with poultry as an ingredient) isn’t a good idea.

In our country, many believe that whatever you eat on the New Year’s Eve will make a significant impact on your life in the upcoming year.  So, if you picture yourself having a good life ahead, a superstition advises you against eating chicken.

The rationale behind this is that eating chicken is symbolic with “digging for money.”  If you don’t want to dig your way to make ends meet in the year ahead, and you would much rather have someone else do the digging for you, then bid adieu to poultry on the NYE.

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