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5 Best Sights in Budapest (From a Local)



Hello all! My name is Aurél. I'm a Hungarian photographer by hobby, from Budapest. I love this city and I would like to share some photos with you.

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Hey everyone!  My name is Aurél, I’m 27 years old guy from Budapest, Hungary.  I would like to recommend my city for your next trip.

It is a very unique and unforgettable city with its architecture, buildings, streets, medieval parts and a lot of history.

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Now, I want to present some of those famous sights in Budapest to you.

1. Castle of Buda

Castle of Buda - Global StorybookThe first sight, that I recommend to see is the Castle of Buda.  This castle is important to the Hungarian history.  In this castle you can learn a lot about Hungary and Budapest, there are also a number of cultural events happening all year long, and from there you can see a magical panorama of Budapest.

2. Hungarian Parliament Building

Hungarian Parliament Building - Global StorybookThe second sight is on the opposite site of Danube.  This is the Hungarian Parliament Building.  This building is the third biggest Parliament in the world, and the second biggest in Europe, and one of the most famous buildings in Budapest.  You can go inside this attraction too, and just like with the castle above, you can learn a lot about Budapest, our politics and history.  In the Parliament you can find the Hungarian Royal Jewellery and the Saint Crown – the crown of the Hungarian kings.

3. Keleti Pályaudvar

Keleti Railway Station - Global StorybookThe third sight: Keleti pályaudvar.  This is the most important railway station in the city, with its national and international transport connections.  This station was build in 1884, designed in ectlectic style.

4. St. Stephens Basilica

St. Stephens Basilica - Global StorybookThe fourth sight: St. Stephens Basilica.  This amazing cathedral is the third biggest building in Hungary, with the height of 96 meters.  Here you can also enjoy some concerts and ecclesiastical events.

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5. Danube River and the Budapest’s Panorama

Budapest - Global Storybook

A little part of the Panorama with the Chainbridge and the Parliament

The fifth sight: Danube river and the famous panorama.  The Danube is the longest river in Central-Europe and it’s running through the city.  Budapest has a very unique panorama – with the river, the seven bridges, the buildings and the unbelievable night view, I would recommend to take a little trip with a sightseeing ship on Danube.

Budapest is really unique, with lots of programs, cultural and culinary events, festivals, an amazing night life, entertainment and more.

The Hungarian people are very hospitable, and I’m sure that you can spend some beautiful days in this city.

I really hope, that you will like my little guide, and you’ll make a trip to Budapest!

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