A 3 Day Getaway to Paris – in Pictures

Daria Silter

Daria Silter

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Daria Silter

I don’t think that you can ever find a single person on Earth that does not like Paris.  Paris is the fashion icon and therefore the fashion capital of the World (take that Rome!).  However, personally Rome is my favorite city in Europe, and I do think sometimes that maybe Paris is a bit overrated.  But that’s my personal opinion.  One thing I do know for sure is that one can never take too many pictures in Paris.  Or eat too many Ladurées.  So one early April weekend, my Mother and I (who said Paris is only for romantic getaways?) hopped on the low-cost French airline, called XL Airways, and set off for Paris on a three day getaway from New York.

Below are some random thoughts and pictures from this trip.

Streets of Paris –  iconic, chic, and oh, so beautiful.  No matter what type of season, or weather mood Paris is in – they never look anything but gorgeous.


Cycling in Paris

Couple eating lunch in the freezing April temperature.  I guess, when you live in a city like this, you would do anything to stay outdoors as much as possible!

Jardin des Tuileries

And, here’s the thing about Parisian cafes – they never seem to remove the outside tables, even in the freezing Winter temperatures.

Parisian cafes

Now, speaking of lunch – even the food on a plate in Paris looks like a painting from Renaissance. Have you noticed it?

Paris: The Top 50 Attractions

Parisian lunch

Taking a brisk walk after lunch is the best way to burn calories and to take in more of those spectacular views of Paris…



Or… cycling around – even better!


I am no fan of selfies, however I just had to take this one and share it with you guys.  See these happy faces?  That’s what tourists look (and should look) like!  And where would you catch most of them?  At the major sights, doing what tourists do… that is taking selfies, or photos, in the most cliche poses one can think of on the spot.  Here I am with my Mom – my ‘partner in fun’, on this 3 day mini-getaway.


Now let’s talk about where you can take the best (umm.. that is the least-known or overshared) picture in Paris.  So here is one – the view from the top floor of the Printemps department store.  You can access it by taking a few escalators up (or even an elevator) and if you get lost getting there (as we did) – ask any store employee for help with directions.

View from Printemps

Another awesome photo opportunity can be found on the Parisian walls – yes, graffiti.  Or call it rather street art, because you can’t call it anything less than that.

Paris street art

The above street art and other cool places can be found in this neighborhood below, called Montmartre, where the streets are narrow and run up and down, offering one a good angle to take the photos from:


Hope you enjoyed this Ado about Paris – I didn’t even know this website will be born a year earlier, when I was sitting on this bench, near Arc de Triomphe, smiling into the camera:

On a bench in Paris

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