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11 Destinations in Asia That Everyone Should Visit in Their 30s

Jennifer Raskin

Jennifer Raskin

Jennifer Raskin is the Local Contributing Writer at Global Storybook (USA).

Jennifer is an internationally-published writer who loves travel, dining, wine, and weightlifting. After living abroad in Asia for 6 years, she once again resides in her home state of Florida.
Jennifer Raskin

Thanks to the globalization, we’re getting closer and closer to the countries that are further away from our homelands.  For instance, for the citizens of U.S., Canada, and Europe – the continent of Asia is becoming more and more accessible due to the greater availability of inexpensive long-haul flights and a better reception of foreigners.  With that being said, it’s time to check off these breathtaking Asian bucket list destinations, that you should visit in your 30’s.

1. Seoul, South Korea

Arguably, Seoul is the kind of place that any age group can get into.  But in your 30s, you’ll greatly appreciate much more than the thriving club and party scene.  You’ll be able to keep up with the Korean style of going out by eating and drinking your way around the city, plus you’ll still have loads of energy to tour the five palaces in Seoul.  Besides, Lotte World Seoul’s cute clone of Disney, will still manage to delight you.

Seoul, Korea - Global Storybook2. Beijing, China

Beijing is a very politically-involved Chinese city.  For those in their 30s, it’s like heading to the Washington DC of China.  You’ll find it an interesting place for the old and the new China alike, but by far the best reason to visit Beijing is to walk on the Great Wall.  It’s an experience unlike anything else you’ll ever have, though one word to the wise: avoid visiting during the Chinese holidays or during the summer when the temperatures are unpleasant.

Beijing Great Wall, China - Global Storybook 3. Tokyo, Japan

In your 30s, your income level typically allows more leeway.  That’s why Tokyo is a great place to visit in your 30s.  It’s one of the most advanced cities in the world, though it’s also one of the most expensive.  Still, there’s so much to do and see in this pioneering place.

The culture alone is fascinating.  Here’s a city where respect and the consideration for others is so important that you can leave your laptop on a table in a café, use the bathroom and return to find all your belongings still intact.  And let’s not even get started on sushi, because sitting down at a sushi bar to delight in whatever freshness the chef serves you, while sipping a Sapporo, is the pinnacle of perfection.

Tokyo, Japan - Global Storybook

Photo © ESB Professional/

4. Bali, Indonesia

For many in their 30s, it’s a time where your mind changes about virtually everything.  Things you wanted in your 20s somehow seem ridiculous now.  Career paths might lead you to wonder if this is all there is.  But in Bali, countless travelers will find that inner peace that they were seeking.

It’s full of retreats as well as luxury accommodations, making it easy to plan opulently or even a more rustic adventure where you can search your soul along the spectacular sandy shores.  Don’t miss out on touring the temples, and find your wild side at the Elephant Safari Park!

Bali, Indonesia - Global Storybook5. Shanghai, China

Shanghai is an incredibly cosmopolitan Chinese city with a totally different feel than Beijing.  In fact, parts of it are so modern and luxurious, you’ll forget you’re in China altogether.  Upscale dining and accommodations abound on the famed Bund along the Huangpu River, plus the entire city takes great care to keep clean, a vast difference from other mainland destinations.  Why you’ll enjoy it in your 30s more – is because it fits that balance you seek for fun and culture while you travel.

Shanghai, China - Global Storybook6. Singapore

One of the best things about Singapore is that it’s a true melting pot of Asian cultures.  You’ll find Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian influences all around this lushly tropical destination.  It’s incredibly modern too, which makes getting around a breeze.

Get a Singapore Sling where they were first created – at the Long Bar in the iconic Raffles Hotel.  Be sure to try out the food court-like places (called Hawker Centers) where you can get a taste of famed chili crabs and other Singaporean delights.  With a Chinatown and a Little India, you can satisfy your every Asian craving in just one place.  And the zoo is amazing no matter how young or old you feel!

Singapore - Global Storybook7. Phuket, Thailand

Thailand can be a wonderfully affordable place for the 30s traveler on a budget, but you can also find plenty of ways to delve into the more luxurious side of things.  Phuket is an ideal place to find yourself because of the dazzling beaches.  You’re coming here to relax and indulge, and it truly delivers.  The picturesque surroundings are like something out of a dream!

Phuket, Thailand - Global Storybook8. Hong Kong

It’s a completely different experience from mainland China.  Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant cities in the entire world.  Amidst the towering skyscrapers, there’s much to see and do.  You won’t want to miss Victoria Peak, taking a ride on the famed Star Ferry, or shopping in the local street markets.  One of the best ways to appreciate both Hong Kong, as well as the mainland, is to visit them both in one trip.  There’s much to love about each destination, and in your 30s, you’ll be able to get the bigger picture.

Hong Kong, China - Global Storybook9. Hanoi, Vietnam

The capital city of Vietnam is an amazing place to discover the Vietnamese culture.  Affordable for any age bracket, it’s the kind of place you can relax and discover history, architecture and cuisine in one place.  Don’t miss out on a boat tour along the famed Halong Bay, the Bach Ma Temple, or poking around the Old Quarter.  Plus, tasting the original pho here – is worth the airfare alone!

Hanoi, Vietnam - Global Storybook10. Mumbai, India

Some people will argue that Delhi has the best street food in India, but Mumbai truly holds its own in that department.  It’s a mesmerizing city where you’ll find Bollywood as well as the Gateway of India arch.  The Kanheri Caves and the Hare Krishna Temple are some of the most popular sites, however you’ll also be able to get big thrills at EsselWorld, a theme park with loads of exciting rides.

Mumbai, India - Global Storybook

Photo © Snehal Jeevan Pailkar/

11. Bangkok, Thailand

Past and present intertwine in this exciting Thai city.  The food is as flavorful as the environment.  It’s a unique combination of shopping malls and ancient sites that will leave you feeling a bit dizzy.  Or perhaps it’s the heat?  Whatever it is, Bangkok can be a bit of a wild place for the night owl traveler that never sleeps.  Plus, there are endless adventure opportunities, making your 30s a prime time to visit.

Bangkok, Thailand - Global StorybookUltimately, traveling to Asia in your 30s is an experience that you won’t regret.  But depending on your personality and who you’re traveling with, you might have a better time in certain Asian destinations over others.  For example, solo travelers will love Seoul, while groups of friends might appreciate Hanoi and Mumbai more.  Looking for romance?  Bali and Phuket can fill those segments while still being phenomenal for those traveling on their own.

Asian destinations are full of unique opportunities to explore a culture vastly different than our own, so pack your bags and get out there while you’re still young!

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Top 11 Destinations in Asia That Everyone Should Visit in Their 30s - Global Storybook

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