La Digue, Seychelles

La Digue: What To Do in One Day

Let’s continue our journey around the beautiful islands of Seychelles.  After exploring Victoria and the beautiful beaches of Mahè, you cannot miss an opportunity to visit La Digue. La Digue is the fourth largest island in Seychelles, just behind Silhouette, and ... Read More
Mahe, Seychelles

Exploring Victoria and the Amazing Beaches of Mahè

You probably already read in my previous posts about how I planned my trip to the Seychelles, including choosing the right hotel, while discovering the best and cheapest way to explore this amazing island.  So now, it is finally time for ... Read More
Seychelles - exploring Mahe on a budget

Planning My Trip to the Seychelles: Exploring Mahé on a Budget

In this installment about my trip to the Seychelles, I will share with you my recommendations about different tour operators, how to get around the island of Mahé, while saving a ton of money, and other useful things.  But first ... Read More
Planning My Trip To The Seychelles: Choosing The Right Hotel

Planning My Trip To The Seychelles: Choosing The Right Hotel

So, let’s continue our journey finding out how I planned my trip to the Seychelles! Mahé is Seychelles's main island and is home to one of the smallest capitals in the world - Victoria.  It is the main point of touristic ... Read More

A Quick Introduction To The Islands Of Seychelles

Seychelles have always been in our minds a place for the rich, a holiday to dream about, an unreachable place to discover.  However today I prepared a special series of guides for you, to the wild and affordable Seychelles! In the next few posts ... Read More