Capital: Brasília

Population: 207,837,936 (estimated in 2015)

Currency: Brazilian Real (BRL)

Official Language: Portuguese

Unofficial Languages: Spanish, Italian, German, English, and other minority languages

Main Religion: Christianity

Ethnic Groups: White, Black, Mulatto, Asian, Indigenous, and others

Largest Cities: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Belo Horizonte

Main Sport: Football, Martial Arts

Political System: Federal Republic

National Holidays (2016):

New Year’s Day (January 1)

Carnival (February 6-10)

Good Friday (March 25)

Tiradentes Day (April 21)

Labor Day (May 1)

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics (August 5-21)

Independence Day (September 7)

Our Lady Aparecida and Childrens’ Day (October 12)

All Saints’ Day (November 1)

Republic Proclamation Day (November 15)

Christmas (December 25)


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