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Museum Mile: How to Stay Classy and Cheap

Mila Nyk

Mila Nyk

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Mila Nyk

So the Tuesday of June 16th, I attended a pretty cool event called Museum Mile Festival, and it’s where all the New York’s museums located on the Fifth Ave open their doors to everyone for free, and you get to be a cheap ass museum lover.  It happens once a year, so next year mark your calendars, and save some money for the occasion.  Don’t save money, it’s free.  I just told you that.

What you will need money for is the Metropolitan Museum’s rooftop bar.  I mean what can be better than getting buzzed in a museum?  Nothing.  Central Park and Manhattan killer views don’ hurt either.  Also, they have different art installations on the rooftop, at the time we were there, they had some type of peasant house/cottage/hut thingy.  Which looked pretty ridiculous, but in an awesome way.  These people know what they’re doing.

Museum mileAs you walk to and from the rooftop bar, you coincidentally get to see a bunch of amazing, ancient art.  I mean Metropolitan is a world class museum, there’s no need for any advertisement here.  I do have mixed feelings about it because back in college I took an art history class, for some reason, and the professor made us visit the Met about 7 times in one semester.  And I was sooo sick of it by the last visit.  The first 6 visits were fine, but that 7th one just did it for me.  So I vowed to never come back, and has been successfully observing this questionable tradition of mine ever since.  That is until this Tuesday.  And you know what?  I think this fella resumed my faith in the Met.

Little fella at the MetHe looks like he’s saying MEH!  All the time.  How was your day? – MEH!  Gorgeous weather right? – MEH!  I love it.

Some useful advise, visit the event’s website page and decide on two, maximum three museums you’d like to visit in advance.  Because there is going to be a lot of people, and there will be lines to get in.  Also, try not to think about terrorists.  At one point, we were walking outside, beautiful weather, closed off streets, crowds of people, and I thought ‘If someone just starts shooting at us right now…’  In light of everything that’s happening in the world, paranoia is not a welcome side effect.  So don’t think about terrorists.

Second museum we got to visit was Guggenheim.  And it did have a long line to get in, but it moved fairly fast.  We were in it for about 7 min, so don’t be alarmed.  Put your art enthusiast hat on.  Bonus points if you have an actual hat for that.

And this museum is cool just because of it’s structure.  It’s built like a cylindrical, spiral thingy.  And this is the second time I’m using the word ‘thingy’ to describe art.  Somebody send me museum visiting description manual.  And a vocabulary.  Anyway, here’s what I mean.

Guggenheim museumAnd the way to do this, is to take an elevator upstairs, and slowly descend down.  Or quickly, I don’t really care.  Probably no running.  Check with the museum’s guidelines.  Fair warning, it’s a contemporary art museum.  And as one of my friends on Facebook rightfully pointed out, that rooftop drink at the Met, will help you get through it.

End the night right and have a glass of wine at Paola’s.  Probably skip on food because that shit is expensive, but a glass of wine will do.

So join in next year?  Let’s go, have matching outfits, and hold hands.

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