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Hej, or Goddag as we say here in Denmark!

My name is Marianne Frost and I’m thrilled to be part of the Global Storybook community.

Just like the rest of the team, traveling is a major part of my life and when I’m not exploring the world I live in a very cool neighborhood in Copenhagen called “Christianshavn.”  It’s actually a “small” island inhabited by approximately 12,000 people designed by Danish King Christian IV (1577-1648) to look like Amsterdam!  It’s also in this neighborhood you’ll find the “Freetown of Christiania.

  • Name:  Marianne Frost
  • Age Group:  36-40
  • Country:  Denmark
  • Hometown:  Copenhagen
  • Current City:  Copenhagen

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I’ve got a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature and work as a project manager.  I love meeting new people, to read and to write (and to drink coffee) so I’m excited to share my travel stories here along with my adventures in Copenhagen.   

Marianne Frost - Global Storybook

Halong Bay, Vietnam

As a child I traveled through Europe with my family during the summer and also during the year due to my father’s job and I loved it!  The low for me was always when we had to return to everyday life in Denmark.  A spark was definitely ignited through these trips and in 1993-94 I decided to become a foreign exchange student with Rotary and ended up in Wisconsin, USA.  America is now my second home and I still visit it regularly.  So although I’m from a small country, I’ve always felt like a citizen of the World.  And today I am grateful my parents encouraged traveling as a natural part of life.

Marianne Frost - Global Storybook


Fast forward to the Fall of 2011.  I’d spent a month in New York and a few weeks here and there visiting friends in Europe, when l booked a one-way ticket to Singapore.  I told my parents and my sister that I didn’t know when I would return.

Mentally, the trip had been long underway – actually, I’d spend 2 years saving up money to be totally free to roam Southeast Asia for as long as I needed.  Although I had a backpack I didn’t feel like a tourist.  This trip was different because I was saying goodbye to an old life and embarking on a new journey.

Marianne Frost - Global Storybook

The Bayonne Temple in Cambodia

Two years prior I had decided to leave a marriage which made me feel limited and isolated and I promised myself that from now on I was going to be true to myself and my dreams which, to me, sounds easier than it is.  But one dream had always been to live in a brownstone walk-up in New York and I did so in September 2011 (I could now check that off my list) and now it was time to explore the world!  I was gone for 8 months visiting Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Hong Kong, Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam.  Burma and Laos became my favorite countries.

In Asia I was a “slow traveler” and stayed in each country as long as my VISA allowed.  I took in as much as I could, talked to as many people as possible, wrote down their stories and traveled by local transportation avoiding the more comfortable tourist busses.  I soon discovered that I didn’t need much and that simple traveling suited me best.

Marianne Frost - Global Storybook

Hong Kong

I also discovered that I thrive among strangers where friendly gestures often say more than words and I experienced extreme kindness.  Some people became friends and some became acquaintances but they all had one thing in common: their way of being helped me discover happiness in its purest way and I grew and healed as a person and became so happy and content.  I actually think I found myself!

Marianne Frost - Global Storybook

Bretagne, France

Marianne Frost and Daria Silter - Global Storybook

With Daria in Copenhagen

As a person I am curious and playful so it was only natural that my curiosity sparked when I read on Instagram that a girl called Daria was visiting Scandinavia in early Fall of 2015.  I am not on Facebook (which is a conscious choice) but I love Insta, and Daria agreed to meet up.  We hit it off immediately, had the best talks and I learned so much from her!  Certain people just inspire you on certain levels and Daria is like that.  So here I am… excited about this new journey with Global Storybook, Daria and the team – and you’re all invited!

Marianne Frost - Global Storybook

With love,

Marianne xx