Dora - Global StorybookHello!  I’m Dora, from sunny Singapore and it’s an honor to be able to share my travel stories here.

Born and bred in Asia (where academic success is basically everything), I never dared to think of life outside the box.  Even if I did, the dreams will be crushed, swept aside and banned from surfacing ever again.

At present, I’m a freelancer who has been working for 3 years in the media industry (while trying to break into the creative + travel line), moving from one project to another, taking up varying positions throughout.

France, Eiffel Tower

  • Name:  Dora Goh
  • Age Group:  21-25
  • Country:  Singapore
  • Hometown:  Singapore
  • Current City:  Singapore

Latest Posts - Global Storybook

Traveling, during my breaks / when there are no projects, has been my only constant.

I travel solo most of the time, and I’ll always make it a point to document my experiences into travel journals, some of which I’ve shared here.  The response has been extremely encouraging.

My life goal is to travel to at least 100 countries (current count: 24!) and though chances are slim and finances are a problem…  I am determined to make it happen.  Especially so after I was contacted to be part of Global Storybook – IT IS IS A SIGN!

China, Great Wall

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, it means a lot to me and I truly appreciate it.  Just holler if you want to know more about Singapore!  I’ll be more than happy to share and help!