Capital: Fort-de-France

Population: 413,264 (estimated in 2015)

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Official Language: French

Unofficial Language: Antillean Creole

Main Religion: Christianity

Ethnic Groups: Black, White, East Indian, and others

Largest Cities: Fort-de-France, Les Trois-Îlets, Le Morne-Rouge

Main Sport: Water Sports

Political System: Overseas Territory of France

National Holidays (2016):

New Year’s Day (January 1)

Carnival or Mardi Gras (February 16)

Easter (March 27-28)

Labor Day (May 1)

Ascension of Jesus (May 13)

Pentecost or Whit Sunday (May 23)

Bastille Day (July 14)

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 15)

All Saints’ Day (November 1)

Armistice Day (November 11)

Christmas Day (December 25)