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Mila Nyk

Mila Nyk

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Lives Brooklyn. Eats food. Has a cat and a dark sense of humor. Originally manufactured in Ukraine and brought to the Holy land of Brooklyn at the tender age of 13. Went to pubic high school and survived it. Also, somehow managed to get a degree in Finance and build a relatively successful career in the corporate world. Meanwhile, secretely writting about her boozed advantures on her blog. She is really funny. Also, she is writting this about herself. So, all of the information above is true and accurate.
Mila Nyk

If you find yourself in Brooklyn during the month of April, first of all – lucky you whichever month you find yourself in Brooklyn, because Brooklyn is awesome.  Secondly, this is the month you need to visit the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  Because they have an event where the wild things go.  Here’s what I mean.

  • Name:  Mila Nyk
  • Age Group:  26-30
  • Hometown:  Brooklyn
  • Home Country: United States

The event is Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  Yes, You definitely should jump on that bandwagon of spring, and pretty, flowering trees.  Get in touch with your feminine side, that Yin energy, drop a tear or two.  No harm in that.

Here’s how my visit went last year.  Well, why are you writing about past year’s event?  Because this website was non-existent at that time, that’s why.  Also, I am planning on visiting again this year.  So, maybe we’ll do a double take or something.

It was end of April, and the weather was still chilly, and there weren’t that many flowering trees, to be honest.  They had some, don’t get me wrong.  Here is the photographic proof:

But let’s just say it wasn’t breathtaking – a tree here, a tree there, and one over when-you-make-it-right.  Another ‘memorable’ factor were crowds.  They were present.  Be mentally prepared. Huge lines to get in.  And while in that line, we bought tickets online, thinking we’d get in faster, only to stand in the line of people who bought tickets online (props to you if you got that by reading it only once).

Hey, you get in eventually – that’s what matters.  But while there, do be prepared for some serious elbow work.  Otherwise, you run the risk of being swept away by a sea of people and its tidal movements.  A note on picture taking: have your phone or camera out and ready, and just keep snapping as you walk.  Doesn’t matter what, sort through it later.  Otherwise, if you stop – remember, sea of people.

How about serenity and peaceful admiration of nature?  Not exactly applicable.  It’s the New York take on relaxation – it needs to happen fast, while surrounded by a zillion people.

There is however a cool moment for which you should make this worth your while.  At times, it felt as we were at the Comic Con (if you don’t understand this reference, look it up).  For no apparent reason at all, a bunch of people came dressed in ridiculous, and not-so-ridiculous costumes.  And I don’t mean the traditional, Japanese, let’s call them Geisha outfits, for the lack of better word.  I mean that.

Brooklyn Botanical GardenRegardless of my initial confusion it was actually really entertaining to watch these people roam around.  So much more than the actual Japanese-style dancing and singing, and some sort of sword whisking they had going on, on the main stage, took about 10 min of my attention.  The rest was devoted to these people.  I’m sure if you stand in some more lines here and there, there are many more exciting things to explore at the festival.

Advice for myself, if I were to risk this event again, and for you good traveler – pack some food stuffs, and disguised, lightly-alcoholic beverages from home.  Then no line shall be your undoing.

P.S. We did end up a this place Die Stammkneipe/ Der Schwarze Kölner.

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