Capital: Kigali

Population: 12,792,002 (estimated in 2015)

Currency: Rwandan Franc (RWF)

Official Languages: English, French, Kinyarwanda

Unofficial Languages: other tribal, ethnic languages

Main Religion: Christianity

Ethnic Groups: Hutu or Bantu, Tutsi or Hamitic, Twa or Pygmy

Largest Cities: Kigali, Butare, Gitarama, Ruhengeri

Main Sport: Football, Running, Rugby

Political System: Republic

National Holidays (2016):

New Year’s Day (January 1) 

National Heroes’ Day (February 1)

Genocide Memorial Day (April 7)

Good Friday (March 25)

Labour Day (May 1)

Independence Day (July 1)

Liberation Day (July 4)

Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan) (July 7)

Assumption of Mary (August 15)

Christmas Day (December 25)

Boxing Day (December 26)