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Buenos Aires, Argentina - Global Storybook

Vibrant Colors of Buenos Aires

And the award for the most colorful city in the World goes to... Welcome to Buenos Aires! The city of tango, the city of love, the ... Read More
Vancouver's Bucket List: Top Things to See and Do

Vancouver’s Bucket List: Top 20 Things To See and Do

So you're looking for an information on Vancouver and maybe even planning a trip there soon? That is awesome, because Vancouver is undoubtedly one of the ... Read More
Liechtenstein - Global Storybook

Vaduz and The High Kingdom of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein, or to be exact - the Principality of Liechtenstein, is one of the smallest but also the richest countries in Europe (and the in the ... Read More
Weird Canada - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

A Complete Guide to the Weird Canada

Book: “Weird Canada” Author: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Publisher: Bathroom Readers' Institute, 2013 Canada - a quiet, beautiful and large North American country is actually full ... Read More


Travel Stories

Hot air ballooning in Bagan

The Dazzling Wonders of Myanmar

Myanmar (or Burma as it was formerly known) had always intrigued us as a destination given it's pretty low on the tourism scale and we didn't know anyone who had ... Read More

Cappadocia – Inside a Salvador Dali’s Painting

Have you ever seen a photo of Cappadocia? Stupid question right? Of course you did, everybody who loves travel and reads travel bloggs, travel magazines, follows Instagram, etc, has seen ... Read More
Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso Al Mare – The Quiet Giant

Monterosso al Mare is not the most scenic village of Cinque Terre but I have to say its my favourite one! Being the biggest of the 5 towns, Monterosso is ... Read More
Blue Lagoon

Fire & Ice – The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is probably the most popular destination in Iceland - I think everyone who visits this Northern European Country takes a trip to this place and as far ... Read More

Petra – The Lost City

I think the first time I saw an image of Petra was in the "Last Crusade" a film from the Indiana Jones trilogy - the scenery just blew me away! ... Read More

Patagonia – A Fairytale Land

"Once upon a time there was this beautiful enchanted land called ... Patagonia" It may sound silly to start a post this way but if you visit this place I ... Read More

Solo Travel

What brings men the desire to travel? What is this primal instinct that pushes people to explore and seek adventure ...

The Blonde, The Rockstar, and the Vagabond – Or The Traveling Sadist

Casablanca, Morocco
It was my mom who introduced me to the idea of visiting Morocco. She hasn't been there herself, but she ...

Crazy, Chaotic, Exotic – Solo Girl’s Adventures in Morocco

Elephant wrapping her trunk over my head to get treats.
“Whenever elephants met men, elephants fared badly…in India and southern Asia, elephants became the mounts of kings; tanks against forts, ...

Thailand: Elephant Play in a Responsible Way

Aruba - Global Storybook
Aruba is a paradise with a big letter P! I have visited tons of beaches all across the World, so ...

Aruba – Where Paradise Becomes Reality

Local Stories

Alex Fogo the DJ That Doesn’t Curse

My Wednesday Friend invited me to attend Nervous Records Release Party yesterday. And I went because I like nervous people. Also, don't get overwhelmed by records release party fancy words, ... Read More
Stormsriver suspension bridge

Garden Route – Step Into Nature

With all the focus and tourist sites directing you straight to the Mother City of Cape Town (of course there's no doubt how beautiful it is) - just a few ... Read More
My happy childhood

My Happy Childhood – in My Small, Unhappy World.

I never thought that writing about your own life can be so difficult. You might think that you’ve certainly got all the facts right, and yes you know the story, ... Read More
Dia Beacon

Dia Beacon – The Far Away Place With Erotic Poems

I'm done bitching about looking for an apartment in New York. Because against all odds I found one, and managed to put together some quality material. Don't quote me on ... Read More
Little fella at the Met

Museum Mile: How to Stay Classy and Cheap

So the Tuesday of June 16th, I attended a pretty cool event called Museum Mile Festival, and it's where all the New York's museums located on the Fifth Ave open ... Read More

I’ve never been to Indonesia, but I’ve been to Bali!

Two words: True story. During my time living abroad, I’ve met people who have never heard of Indonesia before. But, when I mention Bali, they often recognize the island. And ... Read More

Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard: Ghosts Stole My Drone

How awesome was my weekend? Pretty damn awesome. Because that's what happens when you plan well. Or when you plan activities that you actually look forward to. And I look ... Read More
Sushisamba, NYC

Saturday in Manhattan, Sort of…

So… Saturday in New York. What to wear and what to do. Wear whatever the hell you want. But if you’re in New York make sure it’s like stylish and ... Read More


Weird Canada - Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

A Complete Guide to the Weird Canada

Book: “Weird Canada” Author: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Publisher: Bathroom Readers' Institute, 2013 Canada - a quiet, beautiful and large North American country is actually full of unknown facts that ... Read More
A Country of Strangers by David K. Shipler

Multiracial USA: A Country of Strangers

Book: “A Country of Strangers - Blacks and Whites in America” Author: David K. Shipler Publisher: Vintage Books, New York, 1998 There is no better way to learn more about ... Read More

Weekend Travel

São Lourenço do Barrocal - Alentejo, Portugal

São Lourenço do Barrocal – Alentejo, Portugal

If you are planning a trip to Portugal be sure to include a visit to Alentejo. Alentejo was recently elected by the prestigious publication Lonely Planet Traveller one of the best destinations in the world ... Read More
Berg Lake, Canada

The Most Epic Hike in Canada – Berg Lake!

Located within the Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia, Berg Lake is a sight to behold. Its beautiful turquoise lake is dotted with icebergs all year round and the glacier groans day and night ... Read More

Budget Travel

Switzerland on a budget

Switzerland on a Budget: 10 Things You Need to Know

If you're dreaming of traveling to Switzerland, and its pricey reputation is the only thing that's keeping you - then this article is for you. Switzerland didn't earn its famous ...
Read More